thalia hoffman film art

To Serve You לעסתי בשבילך


To Serve You  is an intimate performance dinner which explores elements of feeding and the power relations established in feeding via passion, pleasure, compassion alongside organisation, supervision and imposing.

Eating is a basic human need that accompanies ones life from birth to death. Feeding is a part of the first and most fundamental relationship and remains physically and mentally part of many other connections in ones life. In addition conventions and regulations of nourishment and feeding expose national, cultural and humanitarian ideologies and strategies, alongside priorities of the Market, food companies and distributers.

Feeding contains inherently power relations between the one who feeds and the one who eats. The power relations can be found within personal relationships, as well as between humans and institutions, and people amid their sociopolitical community. Surprisingly these power relations aren’t clear nor stable and tend to change throughout various feeding tactics.

To Serve You seeks to explore the connection between food, rules, law, nationality and security through the power relations between guest/host, feeder/eater and among the diners.

The first realisation was part of the exhibition ‘Motions for the Agenda’ (curated by Avi Feldman in collaboration with Vardit Gross, ArtPort 2017). First as a series of dinners with jurists, culture scholars, sociologists, and psychologists in which we talked about feeding while being fed by me, held at the Digital Art Centre in Holon. These dinners were recorded, then edited and mixed into a sound work. The next step, inspired by the sound work, was an intimate dinner performance of a seven course vegetarian meal performed by three feeders to an audience of six eaters.

Since To Serve You performs in different venues, continuously adjusting to an amount of eaters and feeders.  

Performers: Carmel Bar, Michal Samama, Ofri Omer, Thalia Hoffman