thalia hoffman film art

קרב יום قرّب اليوم// A Day Becomes

Short film, 19 min.

‘A Day Becomes’ is set in The Golan Heights during the few minutes of dawn. Yousef Sweid walks from night into the dawn through a four floor building with multiply corridors and rooms. Throughout his walk in the building he faces physical and vocal interactions with people and moments from his life. The building is located near to where the border with Syria is set today, and this is the character’s last moment in the landscape as he knew it before the time of the film begins. The time of transition and the place the film is set in, confronts Yousef with all that he knew before and all that he is expecting to come.

Performer: Yousef Sweid
Photographer: Ran Moncaz
Sound Designer: Rotem Dror