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BE/A-AL-PE Radio Ayalon בעל-פה רדיו על גדות האיילון

Be’al Peh (Speaking It), which operates as part of Radio Halas, is a platform for the stories of residents of the neighbourhoods located along the Ayalon South Highway. During the conference "Neighborhood as a Global Arena at Holon Digital Art Center, the 'Ayalon Highway Radio' will broadcast conversations with residents, recorded stories, thoughts about the needs and desires of the region’s community radio operators, and socio-geographic discussions about the different neighbourhoods along the Ayalon South Highway.

Participants and links to programs (All talks were in Hebrew):

Lazaros pensioners choir, Music: Svetlana Simanovsky, Co-ordinator: Zina Zimmel

Youth and Senior in Tel-Giborim, Instructor: Aviad Nachman, Co-ordinators: Shir Komforty, Sara Albella, Nofar Lahajani, Dorit Stren.

Stories told be Tel Giborim residents, Story Tellers: Evlin Ovadia, Ora Ajami, Instructors: Shlomit Barnea, Ana Greenstein, Co-ordinator: Tali Peng

Sisters between 2 sides of Ayalon, Sisters: Lizi Deskal & Chana Kadosh

About Ayalon Bank Radio, Participants: Dorit Stern (Neot Rachel), Tali Peng (Tel Giborim), Yigal Schrem (Jessi Cohen), May Aylon (Nitzana), Ofri Omer(Nitzana), Eyal Danon (Jessi Cohen)

Story Time, Story Teller: Hadas Diamant, Library Director: Niv Goldstein

Lazaros Theatre Group, Director: Sarel Piterman, Program Director: Anat Dotan-Azen

Vocatikva, Director: Ben Yefet, Manager: Chen Kraus

*Pictures by Dor Nevo