thalia hoffman film art

Do not touch the dog

Performance, 2011-2, 15 min.

An actor, a director/photographer, and an impotent dog (tied with a heavy leash). The actor is working on a text by Robert Walser. The Text translated to Hebrew as “Basta!” is built from the same 15 sentences repeating themselves in different variations. The actor keeps repeating himself as the director continues to search for ways to shoot him, while the dog is eating a bone creating not an image of fear (as he is tied) but the sound of it.  

‘I came to the world on this and this day, and grew up in this or that place, I went to school, this or that is my profession, that or this is my name and I don’t think a lot’
(Robert Walser, Basta!, free translation by TH)

Actors: Yussef Sweid. Guy Elhanan