thalia hoffman film art

Econome // מכולכלים

Created as part of Heara 12 – Historical Comment (June 2014) Curated by: SalaManca
With: Ofri Omer
Occupational therapy and reducing contact with the outsides were the main reasons for raising animals and growing food at the lepers home "Jesus Hilfe"// Heara art events were produced by choice independently without institutional or commercial support. Although for different reasons, both practiced autarky methods - a system which maintains its own needs for the right to be independent in their acts.
Today when the initiators of Heara art events settled at a permanent residence, can they be inspired from the lepers house which is today their home and maintain part of their practice independent?  And will art consumers and supporters take part in maintaining this independence.

During ״Heara 12״ guests are invited to take responsibility and become part of making an independent art institute at the lepers home.