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Guava Geotagging Website

Guava website invites people to mark the path between Jaffa-Tel-Aviv and Beirut. Download a Guava stencil, print and cut out so you can re-mark the path.

The film is part of Guava Platform initiated during 2013: Guava is a platform for art actions challenging the idea of an open landscape for movement East to the Mediterranean. It is a suggestion the rethink living in a place where borders are dismissed, roads are open and people and information are able to move here freely.

The act of marking invites you to choose a spot between the two cities and spray the "Guava" there. This is your chance to take part in connecting the road between Beirut and Jaffa-Tel-Aviv. A road that was here long before fences were built to conceal it and a road that will exist long after national borders will have changed.

To take part, please visit the Guava website