thalia hoffman film art

Entrails חלקי פנים

Performance, 20 min.

Inspired by a short story by Robert Walser. In interior Parts, Palestinian actor Morad Hassan tell his life biography to Thalia Hoffman, while being fed by her interior parts of a lamb, which are drizzled on stage. The more he eats the less informative his life details become, until he is left with a anonymous identity of a citizen.

"It goes without saying that I am fond of good eating. Just as it goes without saying that ideas aren’t for me. Clever thinking is clearly not for me. Ideas are unquestionably not for me. That’s why I am a good citizen. For a good citizen doesn’t think much. A good citizen eats his food and that’s that, so Basta!"

Robert Walser, Basta!, 1917

Performers: Morad Hassan, Thalia Hoffman

Artistic Guidance: Ofri Omer, Yair Vardi

First premiered at "A-Genre" performance festival, Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv, 2016