thalia hoffman film art

Radio Guava

Radio Guava broadcasts conversations in Hebrew and in Arabic with artists, activists, academics and cultural entrepreneurs. They discussed independent map-making and urban planning, local activism and feminist theory, alternative historical readings and reconceptualisation of being in refuge. In each of them there was a discussion about current conceptions and actions people currently practice that might be relevant for the possibilities the Guava Platform suggests. In these conversations, memories, thoughts, feelings, and fictional accounts all contributed to imagining the landscape as open to movement.

Radio Guava was first broadcasted in the open space of the exhibition ״Wisdom of Crowds" at Beit Hagefen. The second performance of the radio was as part of the Guava solo exhibition at Mamuta art centre in Jerusalem

The sound recordings were then installed in Haifa at a listening wall build especially in the exhibition gallery. People were invited to lay their ears on the walls and listen to the voices. In Jerusalem the recordings broadcasted in the kitchen radio.

Radio Guava was a collaboration between Beit HaGefen, (The Israeli Digital Art center in Holon, Mamuta, and Thalia Hoffman.

Additional Moderators: Fadwa Naamna, Hannah Qubty, Nazir Taha, Hamody Gannam

Sound Advisor: Daniel Meir, Amir Bolzman  Logo Design: Studio Lee&Tamar