thalia hoffman film art

Sham (There) شامْ(ا) שָׁמָה

During 24 hours people and cargo pile upon a refugee truck which is stuck in  the Judea-plain. Women and men of different age speaking Hebrew and Arabic, amass upon an opening truck, one after the other more and more people and stuff huddle together. Lingering between past and future, the ongoing moment of lacking knowledge turns itself into a state of life.

Sham (There) is the second of a film series made as part of the 'Guava' platform. 'Guava' is a platform for art actions that challenges the possibility of free movement and the removal of borders in the Middle East. It practices political imagination, involving the area of the Middle East and it’s residents, through film, video, performance and participatory art.

Photography: Ran Muncaz

Sound Design: Rotem Dror

The film was supported by: The Ostrovsky Film Fund, Zochrot and ArtPort TLV