thalia hoffman film art

To Each His Own איש איש וחפצו

Documentary Film,  2005, Hebrew Eng. sub., 58 min.

If you walk southbound down the promenade of Tel Aviv, you get to the old clock tower. The time is precise, only a few minutes have passed since you left the big city, but time feels different here. Jaffa time. During 2002 one of the worlds in Jaffa had undergone a radical change. The flea market is a little universe that has lost its attractiveness and is now scheduled to be repainted and reframed in a way that will rid it of those negative elements that made it "unwanted". The tourism chamber of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality has decided to turn the old flea market inside out, to give it a new appearance; an easier one, a more user-friendly one. The movie tries to observe the change, and be present within it. To analyze what will happen to the flea market once its facelift is complete.
To spent one long moment with the people who exist therein, and who sustain the existence of the old flea market of Jaffa.

Director, Photographer, Editor: Thalia Hoffman